Six Years Of Support For Mönchengladbach’s Homeless

British Masonic lodge "Star of Saxony" has made a donation to the Bruno-Lelieveld-Haus

Over the course of this year, “Star of Saxony” lodge in Mönchengladbach has been collecting money and has now handed it over to the director of the Bruno-Lelieveld-Haus. 

For the sixth time now, the British Masonic lodge “Star of Saxony” has made a donation of 4264.96 Euros to the Bruno-Lelieveld-Haus. 

It is in the “DNA” of the Freemasons to support such causes and the ex-master of the lodge, Andrew Gardiner, put in great effort to ensure we reached this final amount. The Freemasons collected the donation in their own group and at various events and raffles.

The Bruno-Lelieveld-Haus run by the “Wohlfahrt” association provides so-called “low-threshold support”. This includes a warm place to stay, a friendly chat, breakfast and lunch and a warm cup of coffee. Especially in winter, homeless people have a daily struggle to survive, reports Holger Knübben, director of the day-service. The house, near Bismarckplatz, offers the homeless a warm refuge for at least 2,200 hours a year. “Here you can eat and drink, take a shower and get clothes. For us, the focus is on humanity,” says Knübben. On average, the Bruno-Lelieveld-Haus is visited by 100 people a day.

Congratulations again to Star of Saxony on their amazing work.

You’ll find other links to their charity efforts here.

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