Dear visitor to our website,

If, after reading the information below, you’d like to get in touch to learn more, please do drop us a line at this location and we’ll get in touch with you again over the coming days.

We hope that our website will awaken or improve your interest in Freemasonry and in our activities, and especially in our charity work.  This work is quite extensive and, as far as this lodge is concerned, concentrates to a large extent on local charities, examples of which are the local homeless charity “Bruno Lelieveld-Haus” and the children’s hospice “Insel Tobi”, both of which are in Mönchengladbach.

For non-Masons we hope our website will help you to gain some positive thoughts regarding Freemasonry and will help you to appreciate the place that we believe Freemasonry has in our society. Freemasonry is not a club nor is it simply a pastime, but it is a commitment by the membership towards the good of mankind in general. In the event that this website stimulates your interest and imagination, all you have to do is contact us via this website where you will find an enthusiastic welcome.

Our own lodge meetings are held in our private lodge-rooms in Mönchengladbach-Rheindahlen on the third Wednesday of each month from September to June and is held in the English language.
In addition to our regular lodge meetings, we also hold various social and charitable events during the course of the year. Non-Masons are very welcome to attend these events, but and I hope understandably, only by invitation. Should you wish an invitation, again very easy … just simply contact us via this website.

Kind fraternal regards and best wishes from lodge Star of Saxony.

Tam Pearce
Worshipful Master
Lodge Star of Saxony 853
Within the United Grand Lodges of Germany

Tam Pearce Head of Star of Saxony Lodge

Tam Pearce
Head Honcho